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Joshua Nichols

Marriage Counselor, Family Counselor, Sex Addictions Therapist

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Sexual Addictions & Compulsivity

The sexual relationship is a beautiful part of our existence. Although all of us are created as sexual beings, not everyone experiences the joy and fulfillment that comes with having a healthy sexual relationship.  Sometimes this is by choice, but other times this is due to destructive patterns of sexual behavior. Sometimes sex and sexual activity are used to cope with the trials, tribulations, and pressures of everyday life.

Individual Counseling

Anxiety & Depression
Everybody experiences some level of anxiety and depression from time-to-time. Anxiety might come in the form of stress, worry, or nervousness. Depression can often manifests in the form of fatigue, sadness, distress, or melancholy. Even in the healthiest of individuals the level of anxiety and depression ebbs and flows. This is just part of being human.

What to Expect

The first step is calling me for your free phone consultation (or you can email me and I will call you). During this consultation, we'll briefly discuss you reason(s) for seeking out therapeutic services; I will answer any questions you may have; then, we'll schedule an appointment for your first visit. I will then direct you to go online and schedule your appointment and fill out the background information. If you are planning on using your insurance, please make sure that the biographical infomation reflects the person that is covered by the plan.


Looking for a source or reference for an article on counseling, therapies, or current mental health topics? Contact me with questions, and let me provide the industry expertise and quotes to help enhance your news piece.

Here is a sampling of several articles I have written, contributed, or provided industry expertise.

Individual Counseling

Do you struggle with feeling anxious or depressed? Have you experienced more than your share of injustices? Have you experienced an agonizing loss with loneliness, helplessness and guilt? If so, you might consider working with a professional counselor.


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Marriage Counseling

Are you looking to connect with your mate on a deeper level? Do you want to restore intimacy or repair the hurt caused by infidelity? If you feel like your relationship is one of high conflict, and resolving problems seems like an unachievable task, then please consider couples counseling.


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Family Counseling

Whether you have adult children or children still living in the home, as long as you are a parent, it is never too late to make changes. If you desire to have a better relationship with your children; or, if you need help in areas such as discipline and boundary setting, then please do not hesitate to call me to set up your first appointment.

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As a licensed marital and family therapist, I have extensive training and experience in working with couples and family.  For more than a decade I have devoted my career and ministry to serving couples and family in the professional counseling setting. I have developed these seminars based on my clinical expertise and experience in working with marriages and families over the years.  I currently offer the following seminars:

Parenting R.I.S.K.S., LIfelong Rewards. Building Relationships that Last a Lifetime

The 5 Myths of Marriage

The V-Factor: Marriage Seminar (in development)

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Special Speaking Engagements

I have experience speaking to religious organizations, academia professionals, non-profit and self-help organizations. I have spoken on mental health topics such as anxiety and depression, self-injury, control, and teenage drug and alcohol addiction. I have presented on relational topics, including but not limited to communication, sexuality and intimacy, blended families, parenting and the parent-child relationship, and forgiveness.

I am also available to speak on other mental health and family-related topics. Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak at your event.

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